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Quran and Islam

Quran and Islam is a totally free application for Android devices ماشاءالله‎. It is an excellent app for those who wants to learn about Quran and Islam in modern English language.
This application has many features and many more features will be added soon     بإذن الله. Please send us your feedback and feature requests (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and keep us in your prayers!Quran and Islam for Android provides the following features:

  • Quran in English, Arabic-English, and many other languages.
  • Commentary on each verse from top Islamic Scholars such as ibn Khatir.
  • Audio recitation of Quran in Arabic by leading reciters.
  • Customizable audio repeatable feature of each verse or group of verses – Excellent resource for memorization of Quran.
  • Each verse bookmarking, and sharing on social media.
  • Each Quran word’s meaning – excellent feature for improving Arabic vocabulary.
  • Brief description of Islam for Muslims and non-Muslims.
  • Brief description of matters related to Terrorism and Suicide bombing.
  • Islamic Books in PDF format.
  • Hijri and Georgian calendar.
  • Prayer times in your location (approximate times - please learn to determine the prayer times).
  • Qibla directions (approximate direction - please check with your local Islamic Centre for more accurate direction).
  • Link to order free Quran.
  • Link to buy Authentic Islamic Books.
  • Link to make donation.
  • Link to make donation.

We are open to hearing your suggestions to make Quran and Islam App the best application for Android.

May Allah reward immensely all those individuals who were involved in development of this app including the app’s developers. Ameen



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