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Order a Free Copy of The Qur'aan

Here are few things to remember in regards to the Qur'aan that you will be receiving shortly:

  1. Please fill in the form below with all your details including your postcode/zipcode, your house number and town/city and your country;
  2. After placing an order, please send us an email to along with your full address and post code to confirm your order.
  3. Please Download Our Andriod App or Download our IOS App.  
  4. Please handle this translated copy of the Noble Qur'aan respectfully and if you wish to dispose of your copy, do not throw it away, just forward it to someone else, or contact us to arrange a pickup from your location;
  5. Click here to make Donation;
  6. Please note that we ONLY supply free of charge to any destination in UK subject to stock availability.

Important Note: We provide Free meaning of Qur'aan including free postage to:

A] Non-Muslims.
B] Muslims who wants to give it as a gift to non-Muslims.
C] Muslims who are unable to afford one copy in their own language.

All others, please download a copy of Qur'aan by clicking here or click here to buy one for yourself.


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If you have any problems in making your order please email:
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