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What Do You Get Out of Donating?

This is the section where most charities would probably beg you to donate and explain how urgently they need your donation. But we don’t really see it like that. We feel that the more you give the more you will benefit yourself in this life and in the hereafter.

We encourage you that you give that which you are able to give for the sake of Allah (no amount is too small or too large) and no doubt your reward is with Allah in accordance to what you have given according to your capabilities. We will work to the best of our ability with whatever is donated.

The Reminder:

Allâh puts forward the example (of two men a believer and a disbeliever); a slave (disbeliever) under the possession of another, he has no power of any sort, and (the other), a man (believer) on whom We have bestowed a good provision from Us, and He spends thereof secretly and openly. Can they be equal? (By no means, not). All the praises and thanks be to Allâh. Nay! (But) most of them know not.
(The Holy Quran chapter An-Nahl - 16: verse 75)

Say: "Truly, my Lord enlarges the provision for whom He wills of His slaves, and (also) restricts (it) for him, and whatsoever you spend of anything (in Allâh's Cause), He will replace it. And He is the Best of providers."
(The Holy Quran chapter Saba 34: verse 39)

Let the rich man spend according to his means, and the man whose resources are restricted, let him spend according to what Allâh has given him. Allâh puts no burden on any person beyond what He has given him. Allâh will grant after hardship, ease.
(The Holy Quran chapter Talaq 65: verse 7)

Narrated Abu Huraira :Allah's Apostle said, "If one give in charity what equals one date-fruit from the honestly-earned money and Allah accepts only the honestly earned money --Allah takes it in His right (hand) and then enlarges its reward for that person (who has given it), as anyone of you brings up his baby horse, so much s that it becomes as big as a mountain.
Sahih Al-Bukhari

Narrated Abu Huraira: A man came to the Prophet and asked, "O Allah's Apostle! Which charity is the most superior in reward?" He replied, "The charity which you practice while you are healthy, niggardly and afraid of poverty and wish to become wealthy. Do not delay it to the time of approaching death and then say, 'Give so much to such and such, and so much to such and such.' And it has already belonged to such and such (as it is too late)."
Sahih Al-Bukhari

Narrated Asma: The Prophet said to me, "Do not withhold your money, (for if you did so) Allah would with-hold His blessings from you."
Sahih Al-Bukhari

Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, "Every day two angels come down from Heaven and one of them says, 'O Allah! Compensate every person who spends in Your Cause,' and the other (angel) says, 'O Allah! Destroy every miser.
Sahih Al-Bukhari

Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: Charity does not in any way decrease the wealth and the servant who forgives Allah adds to his respect, and the one who shows humility Allah elevates him in the estimation (of the people)
Sahih Muslim

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